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Theta Spa by the Sea

Laying in warm surrender, languid and sinuous cocooned in your chamber nature surrounds healers abound sensitivity heightens tingling your skin with anticipated pleasure. Drifting away to a land of bliss you wonder if you are awake, asleep, or even dreaming then you discover: There is no longer a difference for pleasure is universally beautiful and happiness lies in finding Equilibrium

Semara Spa

Unwind, exhale and feel pampered you deserve it. Semara Spa is 'affordable luxury', where one can relax and unwind completely, where the senses are engaged in a cocoon of nurturing. A place where one can completely immerse in pure goodness. Your body, mind and spirit will be guided through a journey of relaxation and holistic transformation using natural and organic products and ingredients. The team will be delighted to greet you and recommend amazing treatments from the extensive spa menu.

Oazia Spa

An opportunity to completely rejuvenate your mind, body and soul through an eclectic selection of holistic therapies that will inspire you to go deeper and learn more about yourself. Whatever you have always dreamed of, delve deeper into your mind to change limiting thought patterns to sample from our extensive spa menu, we've created a 'fantasy island' haven where many of your fantasies can be realized. Oazia Spa offers a wide array of holistic therapies, spa treatments, personal development activities, and much more all for your pleasure and inner growth.
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