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Since many years Bali has attracted visitors from all over the world to spend memorable time in stunning luxury villas and resorts with exceptional service standards to drawn to Islands colorful festivals and ceremonies, traditional music and dances, its arts and crafts, delicious cuisine, stunning underwater world and delightful, easy-going people. Today many of those visitors are living in Bali as their hearts never could leave the Island.

As "Holiday Villa and Property Solution" experts based in Bali we are delighted to keep our online community up-to-date on everything what happens with tips from the vibrant Island of Gods: local manners, international lifestyle spots, travel, investment and Indonesian law regulations in-depth descriptions of the details. Read more ...


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Chinese New Year Thursday, 10 July 2014 14:19

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Chinese New Year
Most Chinese festivals, whether based on seasons, myths about gods or ghosts, or a combination of these, stem from a belief in worshipping the gods to appease them and prevent misfortune. The biggest celebration is the beginning of the Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year's celebrations in Indonesia, known locally as Imlek, incorporate customs, beliefs and practices brought to Indonesia by Chinese immigrants who still follow the practices handed down from their parents. Although Chinese New Year was not a national holiday on the Indonesian calendar for many years, beginning in 2002, Chinese New Year became a national holiday, to the pleasure of millions of Chinese Indonesians.

Valentine's Day Thursday, 10 July 2014 13:58

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Valentine's Day
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, you'll have the perfect excuse to treat that special person to some of the classiest and romantic dining spots on the island. We've rounded up a quick list for lovebirds, whether you are looking for a dinner with ocean views and seaside breezes, or a hushed and cool hillside setting in Bali's uplands.

Christmas and New Year 2015 Thursday, 10 July 2014 10:47

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Christmas and New Year 2015
Christmas and the New Year celebrated in Indonesia with great fun and devotion. Despite being a Muslim country, Christmas is a popular festival in Indonesia Holiday calendar. Christmas is a public holiday in Indonesia and is celebrated by its people of different religions. Christmas is recognized as a national holiday in the country. All the shopping malls and departmental stores are decorated. It is advisable to shop well in advance for Christmas in Indonesia as the markets only sells the gifts and accessories till the stock lasts with them.
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